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Now offering free shipping on all orders over $75! For a limited time only.
Now offering free shipping on all orders over $75! For a limited time only.

Old Spice Reinvigorate Shampoo for Men with Tea Tree Oil, Twin Pack

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Old Spice reinvigorate shampoo with tea Tree puts the cool in cooling. Imagine... A brisk morning ski down Mount Kilimanjaro while juggling frozen water in the shape of a cube. Cool, right? That's the feeling you'll get while invigorating your hair and cleansing your scalp. If you've ever had the chance to breathe in the fresh tundra air, you have the basic idea of this formula's scent. It's that, plus minty tea tree. It's a scent that is usually only sniffed by Polar bears-and now you. Let the barbershop-quality results of Old Spice Hair Care products Chill you to the bone and make you incredibly man some in the process.

  • Cool, it cools: this shampoo invigorates hair and cleans the scalp with a cooling matched only by a skiing Mt. Kilimanjaro
  • Manly scents for cool DUDES: the Arctic tundra is smelled often by Polar bears and now by you in your shower, daily
  • Barbershop quality: inspired by barbers and crafted for barbershop quality results
  • So Fresh, so clean: leaves your man some mane clean, incredibly fresh, and unmistakably minty tea tree
  • Be amazing: feel like you just left the absolute coolest (double meaning) barbershop